Hardscape Service in Kansasville, WI

The best complement to a beautiful landscape is well-defined hardscaping. Retaining walls, paver paths, a fire pit or a beautiful patio are all great additions to lush shrubbery, a vibrant garden and well-manicured trees.

Royal Green Sod Farm is your best option for landscape design in Wisconsin, including Kansasville, Union Grove, Racine County, and Rosewood, WI, which also includes hardscaping as a complementary feature. We have experience in all types of hardscaping and have tackled projects of all sizes in the past, to produce results our customers come to love.

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Natural Stone Accents

From fieldstone walls to cobblestone pavers and beyond, we love utilizing natural stone in all of our hardscaping projects. Landscaping stones in Wisconsin come in so many varieties and styles that they’re immensely easy to build right into your overall landscaping plan. From defined, geometric hardscaping to natural-looking, more organic stone formations, we’re ready to work within your landscape parameters to ensure your choice of stone installations is ideal.

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Hardscape Capabilities

In addition to natural stones, we also leverage pavers in Wisconsin to create a number of beautiful hardscape accents. Some of our specialties include:

Retaining walls

Whether for erosion prevention or just to break up the tiers of your property, we design and create retaining walls that are bold, beautiful and resilient.


From small, intimate patio spaces to sprawling concepts with additional hardscape features, we’re the foremost authority on patio paving.


Get from your garage to your patio, patio to fire pit or anywhere else on your property with a quaint, perfectly-paved path, courtesy of our expert pavers.

Fire pits

Enjoy evenings by firelight with a sturdy, beautiful fire pit in front of you. We can build pits to all sizes and in numerous styles.

Hardscape Professionals

If your landscape appears incomplete, let the professionals at Royal Green Sod Farm finish it for you with landscaping stones and more. We can hardscape a wide range of features into existence, to give your property a truly complete appeal. Contact us today at 262-492-0780 to discuss your options for hardscaping, seeding, and more.